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Arizona Animal Welfare League

For 2017, we are partnering with Arizona Animal Welfare League. The Animal Welfare League is Arizona's oldest and largest no kill shelter.  AAWL & SPCA rescues, rehabilitates and re-homes more than 4,000 dogs and cats that are abandoned or that have been surrendered by their owners. They do this primarily by rescuing them from other shelters in Maricopa County where they are likely to be euthanized due to the lack of time and resources to care for them. At any one time our shelter will hold 140 cats and 190 dogs. They also have a foster parent network of approximately 150 families who provide care and shelter in their homes for puppies and kittens that are too young to be adopted, and those animals that are recovering from medical procedures or that need socialization before adoption.


For more information about the Arizona Animal Welfare League, please visit their home page at: https://aawl.org/


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