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Our Story: More Cowbelt and The Leaf and Ladle

Posted by Marla Pomeranz on

Hi, I'm Marla Pomeranz the Founder of More Cowbelt. We make customized gait belts for healthcare professionals. 

This is our story...

My mom was the hardest working woman I knew. She was a single mom who worked 3 jobs, was an amazing cook, managed to be at every ball game my brother and I played in, and was my best friend. She also had a dream to one day open her own business, a soup and salad restaurant she named “The Leaf and Ladle” (this was long before Sweet Tomatoes and Soup Plantation). She had the recipes, she had the vision and passion, she even had the art work drawn up, but she didn’t have the money or room for job number 4. I lost her 2 ½ years ago. It was sudden, and to say the least, absolutely devastating.

In the months before she passed away we worked tirelessly to create More Cowbelt. From choosing the name, developing the concept, to creating the design of how to make a required but unappealing piece of medical equipment fun and attractive as well as practical and durable. She was there to watch the first sale come in and the first belt be made and sent out. The look of joy and pride on her face is something that inspires me and I treasure. With every belt sold at More Cowbelt part of the proceeds are donated to a Memorial Fund in my mother’s name through American Macular Degeneration Foundation macular.org. More Cowbelt is our Leaf and Ladle, it is our dream together. Every belt made is a happy reminder of how lucky I was to have her, what a gift it was to know her, and how I aspire to one day be just half the woman she was.