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Group Orders Available with School or Company Logo

Posted by Marla Pomeranz on

Looking for gait belts for a way to show your school or company pride? We can put your logo on a custom gait belt. Creating a custom logo gait belt not only advertises for your school or company, it also says you are proud of those who represent you and wear it. Drop us an email at info@morecowbelt.com or give us a call at 480-818-3956 and let’s create something amazing together.

We also offer discounts for large group orders (minimum of 25 belts). It’s a great way to increase compliance, reduce cross contamination, create a fun work environment, and bring a smile to both the health care professional and the client’s faces. For more info, please contact us. We would be happy to assist. 

These are just a couple of examples of custom gait belts we've created for schools: Western Michigan University and Marion Technical College.

Western Michigan University

Marion Technical College

Large group order for a skilled nursing facility rehab staff

We think helping people is a good thing, why not look good doing it.

For more examples, visit our Gallery page.