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Tape Measure

Love to measure TED hose and edema but want to look stylish at the same time?  Fret no more! Our snazzy retractable tape measure as just the thing. They fit neatly in your MCB clipboard or pocket. Our tape measures can be pimped out with your initial on it or you can keep it classic.  They come in an array of fantastic colors:

List colors here:

Classic white, Lean Mean Fighting Machine Green, Purple People Eater, Brave Orange, Aqua Fresca, Bold Black, 50 Shades of Gray, Sassy Hot Pink, and Candy Apple Red

Run down of the SPECS:

Double-sided, 60-inch / 150 cm, large and clear markings in both Inches and CM for easier reading.

Just Press on retractable button to lengthen or shorten measure tape freely, release the button to fix the length of the tape