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New Year, New Community Out Reach Partnership

Posted by MPomeranz on

First a BIG THANK YOU to all our customers who donated a belt this year through the "Give a Belt, Get a Belt" campaign. Your donations made a huge impact in the lives of the clients of Rehab Without Walls and the Arizona Brain Injury Alliance.

For 2016, we are partnering with Sunshine Acres Children's Home. Sunshine Acres does not temporarily house children or place children with other families. Instead it is an amazing campus that provides permanent housing for children who for one reason or another are permanently separated from their parent(s). Sunshine Acres provides the emotional, social, physical, educational and spiritual support for the children they serve, so they may learn to manage their own affairs along with maximizing the development of their potential, abilities and interests. The ultimate goal is to facilitate a child’s development to voluntarily leave our home and function within a community environment in a style that is both meaningful and purposeful to himself and the community.

For more details, click here to check them out:  Sunshine Acres

Each month we will receive a list from Sunshine Acres as to the household items they need (vacuums, microwaves, mops, broom, flatware, dishes, etc...). We will then take all customer donations, purchase and deliver these items to the Sunshine Acres campus, and post some pics so you can see the result of your generosity.

There are no words to properly thank all of those who have donated this past year or to thank all who will donate this year.

We wish you and your families all the best for a happy and healthy 2016

The More Cowbelt Team