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Creating scrumtrulescent gait belts for healthcare professionals"

*A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the American Macular Degeneration Foundation,

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More Cowbelt, Designer Gait Belts and Custom Gait Belts

At More Cowbelt, we think helping people is a good thing - so why not look good doing it with our custom gait belts? Designer gait belts, and custom transfer belts are an amazing way to express yourself and a wonderful way to make a patient's day.

At More Cowbelt we would like to wish you a very Happy New Year! May it be a healthy and happy year for you and all of your loved ones.
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  • 48", 60", or 72" nickel plated metal buckle belts
  • 48" or 60" aluminum metal contoured side quick release buckle belt
  • Standard nickel plated belts are constructed using high quality cotton webbing for longstanding durability and maximum strength.
  • Our quick release belts are constructed using heavy duty polypropylene webbing able to support over 350 pounds!
YOU customize them to express your personality. Choose from over 100 patterns and solid fabrics - or personalize your gait belt even more with embroidery!

    We had a BLAST at the AOTA Conference in San Diego! We got to meet so many amazing professionals and for those we met, we want to thank you for stopping by.
     It was incredible to watch people's faces light up when they saw our product. Our designer Gait Belts are fun, yet totally effective. As we like to say, "Helping people is a good thing, why not look good doing it?"
     Custom Gait Belts are a great way to make people smile! With over 100 patterns to choose from, you are bound to find that perfect pattern to show you care. 
     We also offer GIFT CARDS so you can still get a custom gait belt for that special person and let them choose the pattern that speaks to them. Order your gift cards ANY time and get immediate delivery.
*No medical claims are intended or implied for any products sold. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for the safe and proper use of these products and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the company from any consumer claims against these products or their ultimate use. Purchaser warrants that he or she is at least 18 years of age and is a licensed medical practitioner or currently enrolled in a course of study accredited by the local jurisdiction for acquisition of the appropriate license.

A gait belt is also known as a transfer belt. A gait belt is an apparatus used to move or transfer people or patients from one place or position to another (for ambulation). For example you would use a gait belt to move a patient from a wheel chair to their bed or a standing position. The gait belt is customarily made out of cotton webbing and a durable metal buckle on one end. Our gait belts also have custom fabrics that look great and help to identify the gait belt of transfer belt as exclusively YOUR belt.

The purpose for a gait belt or transfer belt is to put less strain on the back of the care giver and to provide support for the patient. These devices are typically used in nursing homes, long term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, a hospital, or other healthcare facilities of this nature.

The following is instructional text from the U.S. Government Agency, OSHA website (cited below)

Transfer from Sitting to Standing Position; Ambulation

Description: Gait belts/transfer belts with handles

When to Use: Transferring residents who are partially dependent, have some weight-bearing capacity, and are cooperative. Transfers such as bed to chair, chair to chair, or chair to car; when repositioning residents in chairs; supporting residents during ambulation; and in some cases when guiding and controlling falls or assisting a resident after a fall.

Points to Remember: More than one caregiver may be needed. Belts with padded handles are easier to grip and increase security and control. Always transfer to resident's strongest side. Use good body mechanics and a rocking and pulling motion rather than lifting when using a belt. Belts may not be suitable for ambulation of heavy residents or residents with recent abdominal or back surgery, abdominal aneurysm, etc. Should not be used for lifting residents. Ensure belt is securely fastened and cannot be easily undone by the resident during transfer. Ensure a layer of clothing is between residents' skin and the belt to avoid abrasion. Keep resident as close as possible to caregiver during transfer. Lower bedrails, remove arms and foot rests from chairs, and other items that may obstruct the transfer.

For use after a fall always assess the resident for injury prior to movement. If resident can regain standing position with minimal assistance, use gait or transfer belts with handles to aid resident. Keep back straight, bend legs, and stay as close to resident as possible. If resident cannot stand with minimal assistance, use a powered portable or ceiling-mounted lift device to move resident.